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More inspirations.

So, in the month and few days since I posted my first post, I've changed my mind. How very typical of me. I still plan on writing the circus book at some point in my life, but right now I have another idea that I'm concentrating on. I'm working out the ending because I have a couple of ideas bouncing around, but the basic outline is this:
Delia Walker, 26, lives in a renovated plantation house outside of Savannah, Ga. Her sister, Susan, is married to John and together they have a daughter, Anna. John's brother Chris, who had been in prison for 13 years for committing vehicular manslaughter while drunk, is released and moves in with Delia in her house that had been used as a boarding house before her parents died 8 years before. From there, the story takes off.

I haven't decided exactly how Delia will look. I'm still working on that bit. But she's very artistic. She was going to school to become a photographer when her parents died and she quit school. Since then she works buying junk to fix up to resale at flea markets.

Her sister Susan is as opposite from her as possible. She's very uptight and straight-laced. She was 15 when Delia was born and although they're close, they're relationship isn't perfect. I do know what she looks like, however. She'll look slightly light Sandra Bullock:

Her brother-in-law John is a little less uptight. He and Delia are very close. He met her when she was 14, when he began dating Susan, and always looked after her like a little sister. He's going to slightly resemble Eric Bana:
  (John won't have a beard; I just really like that picture)

Chris is John's younger brother. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison the year before Susan and John met, and so Delia's never met him. He's very quiet and having a slightly hard time adjusting to being back in the real world. His looks were taken from Christian Bale:
  (Chris, on the other hand, hasn't been decided if he'll have a beard or not. I quite like beards, someone might need one.)

And so, those are the inspirations for the characters. Quite a good looking bunch, I must say. As for Delia's house, it's an old plantation house. So lots of peeling white pant, ivy climbing up the walls and creepy weeping willows:

And so now starts the long process of writing. I have a ton of books I have to read first so hopefully I'll be able to start writing by the fall sometime. I just need to get over my current 'American Psycho' obsession and get on the ball. And perhaps figure out what my main character is going to look like, eh?

- Alicia


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